The Company

KEAN DEVELOPMENT COMPANY is a versatile ultra-luxury residential home developer with offices in Cold Spring Harbor, New York, and Palm Beach, Florida. We do not build houses, but build homes—a principle that our team of talented professionals stands by when working with clients. Since being founded in 1980, KEAN has constructed numerous national award-winning projects, and is recognized as one of the most exclusive residential home developers in the United States. Under the leadership of KEAN's founder and CEO, John C. Kean, the company specializes in the development of upscale residential communities, comprised of classically designed and built homes. Together with its affiliated companies, KEAN offers multifaceted clientele services, including: land acquisition and development, architectural design, construction management, landscape design, installation, and interior design.


Kean Realty, LLC, is a small, upscale real estate firm working primarily with affluent buyers looking to purchase, develop and/or build high-end residential and commercial properties throughout the New York metropolitan area and Palm Beach, under the auspices of Kean Development Company.